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Dietoveda The  Diet Clinic driven by a unique concept of Modern food science and Ancient Vedic inspiration in the field of wellness and preventive health care.

Dietoveda The Diet Clinic started with a mission to provide diet consultation within the affordable foods and herbs available in the every Kitchen for everyone and every Family for healthy lifestyle.

How We Think and believe
  • We understand there is No “One Plan” that fits for all
  • Healthy diet plan is Not “Dieting” it’s about eating right foods in right quantity on right time
  • Herbs & Seeds available in Every Kitchen are Supper Foods and can create Magic

Dietician and Founder

320 successful Events

We successfully completed 320 Healthy Diet Lifestyle Hub events to resolve queries related to Diet, Health, and lifestyle in various communities.

540 Healthy Recipes

We personalised more then 540 recipes according to our valuable client’s need, those are fit for their food culture and very easy to prepare.

1980 Happy Clients

We have over 1980 Happy clients who have successfully completed the weight loss / gain or specific medical condition related Programs. 

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How and why our program works

Dietoveda provides personalised programmes based on Modern food science techniques and the Vedic principles of different food type for different Body constitution. 

We understand there is no one Plan that fits for all. Hence we consider the following parameters before planning a personalised diet plan Lifestyle, Medical History, Blood Group and Prakriti Analysis. 

You will be assigned a personal dietician who will help you to achieve your Health Goals and will track your progress with required motivation. That’s why large number of clients achieving their Health Goals. Dietoveda has spread wings with the support of their followers in India as well as outside of India including USA, UK, Dubai and Australia



RAKHI GUPTA  ( Dietician and Founder) actively working in the field of weight management and lifestyle related disorders. She is a Nutritionist and Dietician with a certification from AIIMS and have 16+ years of experience in Hospitals, Weight Management Center’s, Corporates and Communities. She received her Bachelor’s Degree of Home Science and Post Graduate Education in Food Science and Nutrition including a Hospital based internship with All India Institute of Medical Sciences. She is also a member of Asian Congress of Nutrition.

RAKHI believes that Following a healthy diet plan is not dieting or fasting it’s about eating right foods in right quantity on right time  according to your Body Type, Blood Group, Medical History and Healthy Lifestyle.  


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